Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Wee Bit of Yesteryear

Hello, all! This is a whimsical, but a  magical time of the year for most of us. Children glide around on their best behavior and adults wear a Cheshire Cat grin most days. This is leading up to family time together and Christmas Day. In keeping with the above-mentioned theme, I want to dwell on one aspect of this special time, making memories.

Below is an excerpt from a poem that I wrote to my son just before he joined the Navy in his just after high school days:


On my last Christmas at home,
My Mom said to me;
This is a Christmas to make memories, Son,
So that you remember Tennessee.

I left home that following spring,
After graduating
To join the navy and to
See what pleasures awaited me

The journey has had rough spots and the
 Road has been sometimes long,
But I’ve always remembered Christmas
 In my Tennessee home.
                                                   (-excerpt from DEI Sub Numine Viget)

Why did I pull a poem out of one of my books from several years ago? Well, I did that to remind you to cherish the moments that you have with your family. Time is fleeting and waits for no man. I wrote the poem above to help to launch him on his way, as well as to give him an anchor to reach back for when the days and nights got long on the aircraft carrier on which he was stationed. 

Folks, those memories that I created so long ago, still live within my son,'s mind.  He called me this morning in the wee, wee hours of the morning to tell me so. And get this; those memories that I created for him so long ago, still feed my mothering soul today. Though he cannot be with us on Christmas Day, we both got profound joy out of reliving that Tennessee Christmas of so long ago. This empty nest Momma got a warm hug via camera phone from a grateful son who just wanted to hear his mother's voice and see her face. 

Ah-h-h, make those memories
And guard them well
For one day those memories 
Will make your heart swell.

Yes, folks, I have been feeding my soul from the memory well and I must say that the memory water went down well. Be blessed and make some beautiful memories this holiday season.
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