Saturday, December 17, 2016


Hello, all. Happy holidays to all of you, if this is in keeping with you. Here, in my country, we say mostly, "Merry Christmas." But it means well, no matter how you say it. Peace and good will to all.

Well, you guys know how I love to get in the kitchen. So, I started my Christmas baking yesterday. I got two 7-Up cakes made and have a Blackberry Jam cake in the oven, now. I have three cakes to deliver to people already. This is a busy but happy time for me because I have a reason to cook up some good stuff!

Well, the last of the cakes is about ready to come out, so I had better attend to that. Be blessed.

Here is a quick little poem for you done on the spur of the moment:

Walking about our quaint little town
You see smiling faces on people all around
Even people who are known to wear a habitual frown
Smile and nod; good cheer abounds.

From the struggling mom who has a toddler in toe
To the marquee sign changer for the picture show
The store windows are dressed up in hand-painted
Christmasy art scenes reminiscent of a time of
Several decades ago when life was less hectic
And people took things nice and slow.

The mood around this here town
Makes you expect any moment to see Rudolph
With sleigh in tow, flying through the air and
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas down the chimney to bound.

Ah-h, the spirit of Christmas cheer
Striving to keep it 365 days a year.

DWICWIC (Doing What I Can, While I Can)
Alma L. Jones
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