Monday, December 19, 2016

Happy Beginning of Day

Howdy, all. A rip-roaring, rootin'-tootin' good morning to you. Whoo-hoo! What am I so pumped up about? Did I win the lottery? Nope! Don't play it. Did I just get the car of my dreams? Nope. Then you might, by now be thinking, "Then what are you so pumped up about?" Life! At this moment, in this place, preparing for my day, before I take on the problems of this world, everything is perfect. This day is the birth of a new period of time. It is a clean slate and I get to write on it and at the same time, I get to watch and see what additional details life is going to add to my repertoire of experience. Ok, so I am feeling much like an inspired writer this morning. Go figure. I'm pumped and I have not had my tea yet. I just awoke with an added awareness of His love. And it is with this added awareness that  I venture forth with renewed zeal into my day. Zeal for what? For life, for love of my fellowman, and most importantly, for Him.

It has been said by some bard or philosopher
That the approach of success can be smelled
When the wind sweeps across the land
Well, that person smelled it but it has been
My experience to feel it in my being and I tell 
You, my loyal readers, it is closer than it has ever 
Been and we may soon have a story that swells
The heart of believers and entrepreneurs everywhere
Because our world will have been made more bright and more fair.

I tell you what, though. I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey. And of course, it goes without saying that I relish the time you've spent reading my blog and I treasure each of you. Thank you so much. And you be blessed in all of your endeavors, as well.

Hey! That sounds like an acceptance speech of some sort, doesn't it? Tee hee I guess I am warming up for my victory lap...

To it all and through it all, I say as I have always said, "To God be the glory," for, it is by the grace of I AM that I am.

Tripping Along While Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones
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