Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Hello, all. Tea and prayer time are always necessary.  Make good use of both, one for physical/mental stamina and the other for all types of stamina. Remember to always BYDWP.

Poem for the Day

Happiness I have, as I work my way toward joy supreme
Though things don't always turn out to be as they seem.

I have learned to be content with what I have
And to know that blessings will come whenever they are due 
And to not worry over much if, "Blessings
Seem to be coming to everybody but you."

What is meant for me will come when it is time
And it will find its way to me regardless of enemy
Roadblocks, traps or the onslaught of any other orchestrated crime
For, my God will feed and water me so well that my
Enemy will say, "Egads, just when we thought we had her beaten
We find that she was only coming into her prime!"

Tripping right along,
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