Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Watch Your Step

Good morning, all.  Hope that you are having a good day. It is thankful I am to be able to see another day and to be able to thank the Lord. I have shared two more of my poems with you today. 

Forgiving is moving past pain
To being able to breathe again
And looking at life without viewing
It through a jaundiced pane.

It is a great step forward to
Become immune to "fool's hill"
Though lessons learned there
Remain with you until...


Be careful whose lead you follow
For you may end up between 
"A rock and a place high"
And you, my friend, might be "left 
High and dry"
With no one to come to your aid
And fear so deep, you can scarce swallow.

Then you remember the words
That your mother always said
Or words from a wise book you read
"A wise child is a joy to his mother
But a foolish child brings her sorrow"
And to yourself you say, "Oh how I
Would change, if given another tomorrow."

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Tomorrow's Post - I am going to talk with you about the loss of a baby. Most, if not all, of you know someone who has had to go through that unfortunate incident, if you have not had to, yourself. I will be sharing this thought with you because of a situation that was brought to my attention on yesterday.
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