Wednesday, November 30, 2016

So, Darling, You Lost Your Baby...

And the pain and heartache is so real
That you never thought you could hurt
As badly as this loss makes you feel.

You wonder about your life's purpose
With the dawn of each new day
And at the end of said day you
Are too shattered to attempt to pray.

You strive to hide your feelings 
When someone shares that they 
Have another baby on the way
But you give vent to your searing 
Pain when from prying eyes, you
Do manage to get away.

Well, dear one, this poem was 
Written just for ones like you
To tell you that the FATHER
Because He sees, cares, and knows all of
The pain that you are going through
Sends thoughts to ones like me to
Wrap you in words of hugs to help
You make it until your joys are kindled anew.

Good morning, all. As I told you on yesterday, the post today would deal with the loss of a baby and/or the absence of one. Here is my thoughtful take on this delicate matter. May this post bless all who need to be blessed by it.

Yes, your heart is breaking! I know darling... But, remember this. The Lord, in His infinite wisdom, has your baby with Him, safe in His arms... Now, the pain will always be there, but it will become bearable one day and more bearable the next. You got to go through the joy of having the baby grow under your rib and having morning sickness and thinking about a name, etc. I never got to have children. I used to look at people who were pregnant, especially young girls not married or mothers who did not take care of their children and I used to wonder, "WHY-Y!" Then, I had to ask my FATHER to make the resentment and pain go away. You are surprised that I had resentment with my pain? Well, I did! But, then the voice of reason, sweet reason said, that all babies were not going to stop being born because that is the purpose of mankind. Then another thought would come and I would think, "Well, what about me? I've been faithful and loving and kind and...
But then I realized that, if I loved Him, I had to be subservient to His will and trust Him AND use my pain to help others in similar circumstances. Babies, I have decided, go in that category (for me, anyway) of the tears that HE, HIMSELF, said that He would wipe away. His omnipotent hand, gently wiping my eyes... And you know what, baby? I move toward that day, as I spread love, joy, and peace along the way. I adopted two children, who mean the world to me and I step on. Yes, there are times that I look at pregnant women with wonder and sometimes, still, with a wisp of envy. Then, I step on. I have opened my heart to you as I have to no one else. There are tears in my eyes as I read of your pain. But baby, hear this! Each tear, I like to think, helps to cauterize the gaping wound in your soul. Hopefully, with God's will, that gaping wound will heal over enough that you can bear other people having babies. It is my prayer that you be comforted in your pain and loss. I WILL TELL YOU THIS, THOUGH. IF I HAD NOT GONE THROUGH THE PAIN THAT I DID, THERE IS NO WAY THAT I WOULD KNOW THE RIGHT WORDS TO SAY TO EVEN ATTEMPT TO SOOTHE YOUR BATTLED SCARRED AND WOUNDED SOUL. I do so in Christian love.

Father, I rise to a new day with thankfulness in my heart for Your all encompassing love and faithfulness for us, as Your children. Thank you for the Bible and for the avenue of prayer through which our souls are fed and our spirits are renewed. Thank you for reaching to our deepest concerns and hurts and enveloping us in your all-healing love. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

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