Friday, November 18, 2016

The God in Me

Good day, all. I hope that you are doing nicely and that your loved ones are, as well. I just now got around to my cup of tea. Usually, I would have had two by now! At any rate, it is touching the spot. 

I have just a brief poem for you today in the form of perseverance. 

You thought that I would listen to you
When you told me that I could be 
Naught but the object of your abject cruelty 
But you made a mistake in your calculations 
Because you underestimated the God in me.

So I won't stop until my day is done
And not even then, hon
For, because I have written it all down
 I will still be sending encouraging words
Even though I am resting in the ground.

And to that person that said 
"I need an Alma quote"
So very long ago, I heard your voice
I answered your call
So, dear one, take note.

Just remember that you have been given your gift to use it, not to shelve it and maybe lose it. If someone else wants to sit and do nothing, let that be their decision about their own life but not about yours. You do realize, don't you, that people often want to belittle the next person's gift so that they do not feel alone in "Do Nothing Lane?" Just saying...

Until Day Is Done,
Alma L. Jones
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