Thursday, November 17, 2016

Look Down the Road

Hello, all. Hope that you and yours are faring well. 
Had to go to the ER on last evening because my daughter, who is autistic, had a mad spell. They did a cat scan and all is well, but a close watch has to be kept on her for a few days for any signs of head trauma. She has twenty-four-hour staff with her in the group home. I said all of that to say this:

 If you think that your life is rough
 Just take a look down the road 
Somebody else may be 
Carrying a heavier load.
 (That is what I try to do, at any rate.)


When my day is done
And my life-script is read
These are the words I want
To hear said
"Well done Alma, well done"
For those old ladies that you
Helped to cross the street
Those little children whose
Tears you wiped from their eyes...
My angel was the one that you
Did those thoughtful things to.

Be blessed,
Alma L. Jones
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