Friday, November 11, 2016

Thankful for the Day

Good day, my blog readers from near and far. 
I want to thank you for lending me your ear thus far. 
As I told you when this blog I did start
I write what I feel; I write from the heart.


"The Nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten.” President Coolidge. I wrote the  poem below in honor of Veterans' Day. 

Thankful to have a nest in which to dream
With no blackened walls
A pleasure indeed, I deem
Thankful to the God of heaven
Who made it so
Possible for able-bodied men and women
Down through the ages to go
To the front lines during many a war
Because they deemed our country 
Worth fighting for.

Thankful to all veterans alive and gone
Hats off to you all for keeping us free
In this land that we call home!

God bless you all and may we remember your sacrifice
Whether loss of limb or loss of life
Or loss of family and/or peace of mind
Here's hoping a grateful people
You will always find!

(Written upon seeing the naked hatred and division among ordinary citizens during and after the 2016 presidential election.)

Points(s) for Pondering:
  1. How, if at all, does this title fit this blog message today? Be specific. Yesterday's title is highlighted in blue below. The poem, itself, answers the question posed above.

Let it not be said that they
"Loved hating so well
And that is the reason the nation fell."

Would the time were here when all men were mindful of one another 
And each ethnicity treated the other as a brother.

Still, I am thankful for each day that the Lord allows me to live
For it is another day that I can share the love that, to me 
He so freely did give.

"Be thankful for the love that has come your way and give some of it away today." Who did you entertain yesterday, unawares?

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