Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Let It Not Be Said

Hello, all. I rarely speak about secular events, but this election warranted some coverage, due to the effect that it had upon the citizenry.  Thank you for bearing with me in this message.

Finally, the election is over and
A new president has been named 
Now, things will settle back down
And be pretty much the same 
We will still carry out our regular 
Routines with our families 
And basically, live our lives
Pretty much as we please.   

There has been a change at the top
But, let's face it
Plans brought about, we will not see
Because by the time any changes trickle down
They will little affect you and me.

And another thing, we don't
Have a private jet to fly us around
We don't have secret servicemen 
To guard us about town
We are just folks, you and me
Mr. or Mrs. Citizen Ordinary.

So, let's be as courteous to each other as we can
Even though, I didn't vote for your candidate
And you did not vote for my man
We still have to get along down
 Here in the trenches with each other
For, after all, you are my brother.

(Written upon seeing the naked hatred and division among ordinary citizens during and after the 2016 presidential election.)

Points(s) for Pondering:
  1. How, if at all, does this title fit this blog message today? Be specific.
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