Thursday, December 1, 2016


‪The idealistic world of "What if" and "Maybe" make it possible for you to keep going so that you reach your full potential.

Here is a page from my life and a page from, W.O.W. created w.o.w. True story and once you read it, you will understand how I keep going and why I won't give up. My FATHER's love has carried me down through the years. And I am on my way to , "Afterwhile."

You Can Do It

“Smoke! Somebody smells like smoke. Yuck!”
Alicia thought to herself, “One day, my clothes won’t smell like smoke and one day…” Alicia went into her favorite pastime for when she was bored. She daydreamed!
“Alicia! Alicia Nicole Brown! Name the different types of prepositional phrases and give the class an example of one in a sentence.”
“Uh-oh,” she thought, as she stood up beside her chair. “I only glanced over that page!”
She looked at Hank Gould, who had his usual “ready to laugh at you smirk” pasted on his face.
“I’ll show him. Please make me remember what was on that page,” she muttered to herself.
Alicia looked out of the corner of her eyes toward the ceiling and began to tell the types of prepositional phrases there were, as the page she had scanned slowly came into view in her mind’s eye. She gave a sentence with a gerund phrase, looked at Hank Gould with a “Not today, you don’t laugh at me,” smile and triumphantly flopped back down into her seat.
“Nicely done, Ms. Brown, but try to keep up with the class. You might not get lucky next time.”
“Yes Ma’am” Alicia meekly murmured. She stole a look at Hank Gould and stuck her tongue out at him. He looked at Alicia with a “mess with me look” and blurted out, “Ms. Felicity, smells like something is burning and it’s hurting my nose.” Hank gave Alicia his best, “Now top that one, Girlie” glares.

The other kids chimed in, “Yeah, it does. I smelled it when I was passing out papers.” “Yeah, it’s been smelling like that all week.”

Alicia dropped her head as her eyes slowly welled up with tears.
“That’s enough class,” said Ms. Felicity sternly. “It is probably a balance in the lights going bad.”
Alicia glanced at Ms. Felicity and gave her a tremulous smile of thanks.

When the bell rang for class to be over, Hank walked by Alicia and whispered, “Cry baby!” as he (snickering) left the room.

‘Sniff! Sniff!” Alicia trudged slowly home. She could not walk slow long though, because the wind was cutting her in two!
 She put her arm load of books down on the sidewalk and buttoned her coat and put her head scarf on.
 Then Alicia picked up her books, wiped her eyes and running nose on her sleeve and kept pushing against the wind on her way home.

 As she walked, she thought about what had happened in the last period class.  “Maybe they will have forgotten about it by tomorrow,” she thought. But with Hank Gould around, she knew not to count on it. (to be cont.)

  1. What double meaning can be attributed to the term, afterwhile? Please give examples from the story excerpt.
So here are two of my poems written today with today's theme in mind:


Being able to keep being strong
Is being able to continue on
GOD's Love!


When you get tired and when you get worn
And folk keep yelling that you can't go on
Don't you listen to the shouting throng
You keep leaning on your FATHER and one
Day you will be singing "The Victor's Song"

GOD's love!

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

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