Friday, November 4, 2016

Questions Answered on "Until After Christmas"

Good morning, everyone.

Let's get started on your obvious question first, shall we? Then we will do the poem. Yes!  Yes, I know that I gave you the seeming answer to the question I asked you about the Title of Wednesday's blog fitting in with the rest of that day's blogging material. Well, knowing me as well as most of you do, you might know that if I gave you the seeming answer that I wanted more of an explanation from you. So, I hope that you expounded upon your answer to the question. Did you? If you did, that is good; if you didn't, then next time try to think a little deeper and always try to answer me with more than the obvious because you know that one of my favorite phrases is "expound upon" and a second favorite is "substantiate." 

Here is the first sentence repeated for you. "I will be pushing a poem or story from our book, W.O.W. created w.o.w., until after Christmas." There is an element of time (until after Christmas) mentioned in the title and in the first sentence. Now you may be wondering, "Why that particular increment of time?" I answer that question of yours with a question of my own. If the book is going to be pushed, what is the purpose of pushing it? Bingo! The purpose is to garner sales on our book. The reason this increment of time is mentioned is because from now until Christmas is the peak buying season for most people for gifts.

I wrote the book to give praise and glory to the Lord, inspire and motivate people who may be "weary from time to time", raise money for Christian education (20% of all sales), and to teach folks to learn to appreciate poetry. I can not do any of the above-mentioned things without getting the books into people's hands. Therefore, marketing, the necessary part of being a successful author, comes into play. This blog is a cost-effective way of laying the book before the buying eyes of the general public. I'm told that if an author makes it to the top 100 in sales on, then that author stands a good chance of making it to the New York Times Best Selling List. Why is that list important? It is important because it tells people that this book is a winner and then other folks will buy it. They will probably use the tagline, "It is a good book, even though, it is poetry."

So, now you know why the title and why I am so pushy about this book. I want you to be pushy, too. Why? Well, you have been reading my blog all along, so you know that I have told you time and time again that I would stand on the tallest mountain in the world and proclaim my love for the Lord. Now, here's where you come in. You can help me spread the love, the inspiration, the perseverance and encouragement to the entire word. Get your copies of W.O.W. created e.o.w. and give as gifts to friend and family. Use my tagline that I mentioned, "It is a good book, even though it is poetry." Okay? And, as always, I appreciate your taking the time to encourage me in my writing through your comments on my blog, on my facebook page, and your very presence.

Daring to be a trailblazer
On my marketing journey fro here to there
The inspirational volume, W.O.W. created w.o.w.
Is my avant-garde and motivational ware.

It's tough financing this journey of mine
But I keep my pennies in a tight fist
Because, folks, I aim to make it
To the New York Times Best Sellers' List.

Since it is the season where people
Do quite a bit of giving
Asking folks to pick up some
Copies of W.O.W. created wow and
And give some people fortification
Motivation, laughter, and just
General feel-good poetry and
Stories that bless people 
In their living.

It's $14.76 on
Or $5.99 on ebook sales
So, pick up several copies
To help Christian education do well
And help me along with my
Avant-garde tale.

(Note: I used words like avant-garde
 Per assignment's request
I will make a sesquipedalian
Out if you yet.

To Ponder:
  1. Define avant-garde, fortification, and sesquipedalian.

"The longest journey begins with that first step."
  -Lao Tzu
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