Thursday, October 6, 2016

You're Healed Little Birdie, Fly

Good morning, all. As you can see, I combined three sections of the blog today and here's why. I had a thought in my head and upon that thought, I composed a poem and wrote it down. That this poem will bless someone today, is my prayer. The muse is at it again...

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There was a little songbird
That had fallen out of its nest
It was its piteous warbling
By which I was awoken
And upon inspecting it, I found
That one of his wings was broken.

I took that little songbird and
Fixed a splint of sorts and kept
It fed with birdseed  and millet
Until that broken wing was strong and reset.

I took it outside when it was time
To let it go
And placed it on the porch railing just so.

I sat in the rocker to see if it would flee
And pretended to take a nap
To see what I could see
But I must have dozed off
Because I awoke to tiny feet upon my knee.

I scooped the birdie up and went back inside
Because this was not the day for
That birdie to be set free
It seemed it still had a need
To be attached to me.

I started opening its cage which was
Beside the screened window you know
But that birdie just stayed put and
Never would venture out and never
Would sing a note.

One day, about a month later
I had an epiphany, you see
I knew that I had to break the
Birdie's dependence on me.

So, I started placing its food upon the window sill
To come in one day to hear my
Room being filled with trill.

The birdie had left its cage and was singing
While sitting upon the window sill
In harmony with another songbird
That sat on the outdoors side
Of my window sill.

I opened the screen on my window
Closed my bedroom door and
Went to do a load of laundry
Just to see how things with
The little birdie would go.

I returned to my bedroom to fetch
A pair of socks that I had intended to wash
Only to find the room empty
Of birdie and of song.

The little birdie had flown
To be with others of its kind
And I was left to do my thing
Though the birdie sometimes crossed my mind.

Then I was awakened one day to warbling
Coming from my window ledge
When I went to the window to see
About the to-do
There sat a birdie that looked like
My birdie and another one, too.

They were warbling to their heart's content
Then to the tree that is beside my bedroom
They both went.

It turned out that they had a nest
Built in that old tree of mine
And I'd like to think that it was my
Birdie who had come back
To thank me for providing a safe
Haven until it could fly just fine.

So, I put songbird food upon my window ledge
And often am treated to a warbler's song
Though, my little birdie is long gone.

Fly away birdie and keep doing
What you do best
May you always find a safe haven
In which to rest and built your nest
Be it to the north, south, east or west.

Make of this poem what you will
Inspired by a simple song from
A birdie who sang upon my window sill.

Sometimes you have to leave the songbirds to 
Become the soaring eagle that you were meant to be
To find the place to which you belong
And build your nest upon rocky crags
High above the songbird's song. - Grammy Alma

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