Friday, October 7, 2016

"Back Off" Electric Current, "Back Off!"

Inspiration, Writing and Poetry
Good morning, all!
 I am fired up or wired up this morning in fine fashion  
My heart and mind are filled with writing passion 
The thoughts are coming to me faster than I can 
Write them down so, I have gone to my trusty keyboard
And such great relief I have found.

For I can move my fingers over the keys
Almost as quickly as they thoughts are
Whirring through my brain and I know
As often is the case, when the whirring
Has stopped and the furious typing is over
I will have produced a piece that is noteworthy.

I never know what will become of the pieces 
That clamour within my brain for release
All I know is that when they are all out
My soul does find sweet relief and peace.

  1. Can you imagine a scenario that would encompass the phrase, wired up and the title of today's blog, too? Let's see what you can do with that assignment. "Is this a difficult task," you ask. And my answer to that is to say, "Not really, because I have given much harder tasks to you before. Yee-e-es, but while you complained, you rose to the occasion with extraordinary aptitude!"

"Be prepared with an answer to all 
About the hope that is within you"
For you never know when upon your
Door, a knowledge seeker will call.

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