Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Lord, It's Me & I Know that You Can See

Of the two songs that I presented you with yesterday, the second one touches my heart more because it leads me to my Master in mind for the down here and now & carries my thoughts to where I want to go, one day. The second song reminds me that things will not always happen the way that they should, but that I have a Father, Who walked on water and makes all things do as He commands. Just think; the Wielder of that power cares about me! Yes, I get more of the carrying power of inspirational joy out of the second song. Go back and watch the video again and see if you don't concur.

Novella is slowly taking a better shape. Actually, several of my planned pieces are taking better shape at this time. A big thank you to author, James Scott Bell!

Answers concerning the poem presented to you in yesterday's blog.
  1. The speaker feels that the phrase is so much a part of the human existence that it bears speaking about. While the speaker does not particularly care for the phrase, he/she speaks to the inevitability of its happenings in our lives and wants to advise mankind about how to deal with its mayhem.

To get stuck on exterior wrappings is often to miss the treasure that lies within.
Listen to the message of the heart and look past the messenger's exterior limitations.

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