Tuesday, October 25, 2016

You Just Keep Holding On

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Good morning, everyone. I did a poem last week and I thought was fitting for this morning's blog so I reposted the verse and added some more verses to it. I hope that you enjoy.

This morning, my spirit is stirred within
In that I realize, yet again, that it doesn't
Matter what I've done nor where I've been
It does matter that I have a Savior, Jesus
 Who is my God and my Friend.

Who has charted my course
And ever watches my path
To keep me from the adversary's clutch
When the road or course on which I'm
Traveling proves, for me, to be too much.

There are detours and rest stops on this
Road that I have been set upon and I
Like the rest of you, get tired and want to sigh
Then again, sometimes I have to cry
But that's okay because I have a home
Being prepared for me in the sweet by and by.

All I have to do is walk by faith and
Never let go of His hand
And though I stumble now and again
If I stay the course, I will be just fine
Because my God, my Savior and my Friend
Has me ever on His powerful mind.

So, never forget folks that you have an eternal Friend named Jesus, Who paid the cost of your sins and mine. He didn't pay for those sins so that He could lose us now. Nope, He is here for the duration of our walk through time to reach eternity and Him. That fact should help us all on our sojourn. I took the liberty of reposting another one of my poems because it says exactly what I wanted to say to you this morning.

"Never let go of His hand."

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Ya'll be encouraged and be blessed. Jesus loves you and I do, too.
     -Grammy Alma
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