Sunday, October 23, 2016

Do It Anyway

Am I the greatest poet ever to put pen to paper; no, I am not. Am I the greatest writer ever to labor under the title of author; no, I am not. But what I am is a person who is willing to stand for the Lord when it is not a very popular thing to do. But, that's alright. I still do it anyway. Look at the offering in the poetry section today for a bit more on this.

The rest of this blog today is geared for children and teenagers. Why? Well, I write whatever is placed upon my heart to say and today I want to write a note to young people. 

  1. Are you popular? Wonder by Whose design this happened for you? What are you using your popularity for? Do you live life like it is all about you or do you enjoy the ride but take the time to show a little kindness, too? Yes, that might mean being especially kind to that child who is constantly bullied or has a disability or is just too nerdy. Yes, I said it because I know that even with your being popular, there are times that you can throw some seeds of kindness to others less fortunate. You won't be less popular if you do. You will just be known as a popular guy or girl who has a heart.
  2. Do you want to be? No matter how badly you want to be popular, there are some things that you just do not do to be liked or to become popular. That means deliberately berating others or lowering your moral standards. 
  3. Do you think that the Lord hears children when they pray? Yes, He does! How do I know? I, who am a grandmother now, used to be a child once and he heard me plenty of times. If you don't believe me just try it and watch. You will see that Grammy Alma told you so. If you are worried about a test, bullies, whatever tell Jesus and ask Him to fix the situation for you. The first time you will be surprised and call it coincidence and then you will come to realize that you have a life-long and valuable Friend Who will become so valuable to you that you will carry on that friendship until the very end.
  • So, in short, does Jesus care about children and their cares. Yes, He does and He is always aware of whatever problem you are being challenged with.
I have written three questions and have provided answers to them. I want you to just think deeply about the things discussed in this blog today, okay? That's all I ask.

I am still working on that volume of poetry for you that I said was forthcoming. Be a little more patient with me, okay?

Not the greatest poet to ever live
But what the Lord has blessed me
With, I freely give.

He blessed me with the heart
To reach the mind of the young
To remind you that he sees
And cares about everyone and
Yes for you, young person, and
About every word that might
Flippantly roll off of your tongue.

Use the gifts and talents that He
Has blessed you with, to help some
Of the less fortunate to deal with
Their burdens that are, at times cumbersome.

You say you have no special talents
Like some of your other friends
That is not true, you have to search and ask
For it and it will be revealed to you.

What is it that you are good at
And that you like to do...
Nevermind, I will address this in 
The chapbook of poetry that 
I am composing for you.

"Suffer the little to come unto me."

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Preparing another video for YouTube. Should have it operational by tomorrow.

You be happy and be blessed today, okay? And remember, Grammy Alma loves you and Jesus does, too.

Still Doing What I Can, While I Can,
-Grammy Alma Jones
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