Saturday, October 22, 2016

Tie -In from Yesterday

Good morning, all. Let's jump right into the blog for today. 
The highlighted section below is a quote from yesterday's blog where I asked you questions pertaining to said day's blog. I recopied the questions and most of  yesterday's blog for your convenience (again, the blue highlight). 

For Pondering
  1. Tie in all sections of today's blog except, "Upcoming Events."
  2. Please include the title in your tie-in, as well.
Inspiration for today and answers to the questions: Romans 8:31 says, "If God be for us, then who can be against us?" That statement says it all for me. Let me explain, a little bit for you. All of my life, people have told me what I could and could not do, all according to their logic. You see, according to mankind's logic, one has to be popular, pretty, monied, live in the right neighborhood, etc. in order to be acclaimed by the masses and allowed to rise. But mankind's logic is not the same as the Lord's logic because God looks on the heart, whereas, man looks on the outside. Furthermore, God is the master planner for all of our lives, not man. If the Lord has placed in His plans a certain thing for your life, then there is nothing that mankind can do to stop it. Absolutely nothing! Now, this does not mean that various folk have not tried to thwart His plans; it just means that GOD ALWAYS WINS!  

That is why the Poetry, Writing and Quips /Quotes sections of yesterday's blog, all have as their theme, "God Is!"  The poem from yesterday says, in essence, "I don't care what you think because the Lord God is omnipotent and is the planner of my life and of this entire world. So there!"  The Writing and Quips /Quotes sections both say pretty much the same thing by going back to Romans 8:31, If God is and because God is, I will make it and have made it no matter what the world thinks or has thought.

Now, to tie in the title from yesterday and the Inspiration section with that same theme, is fairly simple. Why would I choose Jesus if I had the whole of history and all of the present potentates to talk to? Simple, really. He is the Potentates of potentates by whom the whole world and all of the potentates, past and present, were  created! Now, you tell me, why not choose Jesus, hm-m-m-m? That's what I thought.

If I Could Talk to...

On Wednesday, there was a post on Facebook that showed a picture of a park bench and the post asked if you could sit and talk with anyone past or present for one hour, who would you choose? 
Here is my answer:

I would talk to Jesus and here's why. After I marveled over being able to talk to Him and after I praised and thanked Him, then because He knows me through and through, I would ask to be able to talk with my Momma and be wrapped in her arms one more time. That way, I would have accomplished both, by one being contingent upon the other. You see, if I remain faithful, those two things and so much more will be accomplished! Hallelujah!


It does not matter 
What you do nor what you say
Jesus has the final say
At the end of the day.


The picture above is of the first page of a presentation that I gave at the church of Christ that meets on 13th and Lee St. in Mayfield, Kentucky. The picture below coupled with the one above, epitomize the main tenet of my life, which is: "Because GOD is for you, it does NOT matter who or what is against you."

Writing (for today's blog)
Gave you an actual snippet from the chapter that will be entitled, "If the Lord..." which represents an excerpt from my soon-to-be-released book, Chopping My Row.
Poetry (for today's blog)
He brought me from the charcoal 
Bucket and blackened walls
To a nice place in society, to install
I won't complain about Him at all
For, He is my reason for living, y'all.
Quips/Quotes (for today's blog)
Dub my Jesus, "My All in All"
Upcoming Events (for today's blog)
Meeting of the KenTenn Writers' group today at the Graves County Library, Mayfield,
KY from 2-4p.m.
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