Friday, October 21, 2016

If I Could Talk to...

On Wednesday, there was a post on Facebook that showed a picture of a park bench and the post asked if you could sit and talk with anyone past or present for one hour, who would you choose? 
Here is my answer:

I would talk to Jesus and here's why. After I marveled over being able to talk to Him and after I praised and thanked Him, then because He knows me through and through, I would ask to be able to talk with my Momma and be wrapped in her arms one more time. That way, I would have accomplished both, by one being contingent upon the other. You see, if I remain faithful, those two things and so much more will be accomplished! Hallelujah!

It does not matter 
What you do nor what you say
Jesus has the final say
At the end of the day.


The picture above is of the first page of a presentation that I gave at the church of Christ that meets on 13th and Lee St. in Mayfield, Kentucky. The picture below coupled with the one above, epitomize the main tenet of my life, which is: "Because GOD is for you, it does NOT matter who or what is against you."
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Upcoming Events
The Ladies Day in Mayfield was spectacular. I had been asked to be their speaker for the event and am thankful that all seemed to go extremely well. People were very complimentary of my speech and I was blessed to part with several books.

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