Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Not Happening, Not Yet, Anyway

Hello, Germany and all. Look down in the writing section of today's blog for the reason that I singled Germany out for a special "hello."

Here is a video that I have found that helps me through my soul-rending times. I hope that it brings you as much peace as it does me. I would be interested to know which of the two songs you prefer and why. It is always so nice to hear from you, my blog readers.

I singled Germany out for this blog because that is where I had hoped to have my first overseas book display/signing. That will not be happening  for me this year. My publisher, Bookwhirl, and I just could not get the logistics worked out in time for this tour. If it pans out later, I will be sure to keep you all posted.

These things should not be
Went out of the door behind my
Daddy, when he left me.

These things should not be
Will happen no matter how devout
You try to live because
These things are a part of
The trappings of humanity.

These things should not be
 Is an excuse to remain stuck in whatever 
Situation you might find yourself in
Instead of girding yourself, getting 
Up and changing your reality.

These things should not be
Cannot go to the place where I am bound
Because I am going to make my move upstairs
And there I will dwell for all eternity
Then, I can say, "These things should be!"

  1. How does the speaker feel about the phrase, "These things should be"
  2. Build a paragraph around verse one.
  3. What is the prevailing mood of this poem?
  4. The phrase, Up and changing your reality, means what?

Often your greatest disappointment turns out to be one of your greatest blessings. I rely on Romans 8:28 during my times of great disappointment.

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