Friday, October 21, 2016

For Teachers and All, Who Deal with Children

I used the word “taught” in the last line of the poem in today’s poetry section, but it can be changed to fit any career that deals with children. Just remember that children are precious to Jesus, so in whatever walk you come across them, be kind to them and careful in your example setting.

Children's chapbook moving along.


You make a difference, even
If for just one child 
But know, for the one you touch 
Who shows you a smile
There are hundreds more who 
Carry on with their tasks mile after mile 
Simply because you taught for a while.

Remember that children are our tomorrow and that their angels are always before the throne of God.

Upcoming Events
The Ladies Day in Mayfield was spectacular. I had been asked to be their speaker for the event and am thankful that all seemed to go extremely well. People were very complimentary of my speech and I was blessed to part with several books.

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