Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bigger Than You

One of the chapters in Chopping My Row, my new inspirational  book for ladies, will be entitled, "The Other Side of Through." This book will be a devotional type for study and for inspiration.

Today, I just picked up my pen and let the muse have its way. Editing and critiquing will come later.

Bigger Than You

Sometimes, you can produce 
Something that is bigger than you
And you can't understand or comprehend
The intricacies and woven thoughts that make 
Up said piece, so you carry on with what you do
And wait for more inspirational thoughts or
 Wait for release bigger than you.

Be it weaver's shuttle or
Knitting needles, both use threads
For tapestry that tells a story
Whether simple or puzzling to unfold.

Upcoming Events

The Ladies Day in Mayfield was spectacular. I had been asked to be their speaker for the event and am thankful that all seemed to go extremely well. People were very complimentary of my speech and I was blessed to part with several books.
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