Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Once Upon A Time

Hello, all. Let's get right into today's blog, shall we?

The title of today's session sounds like a good story that is about to be told to a child, doesn't it? Well, it is not. Not exactly, that is. 
Let's go on an imaginary journey, shall we?

     There once was a young woman who knew what she was about. She knew exactly where she was headed for she had her life plans all laid out. (If these words sound familiar, it is because they are from page 264 of our book, W.O.W. created w.o.w.) She had her life planned to the tee. 
  • She had planned to go to college and she did. 
  • She had planned all of her life to teach third grade, even though her college English teacher wanted her to major in English. Nope, she knew what she was about. Oops! The only job opening available was one in special education, a major for which she did not even have a degree . 
  • She had planned to have two children, oops! She didn't. But she was not deterred; she just adopted. She adopted a boy first and then later a little girl. Okay, that's accomplished! Oops, the little girl turned out to be special and it turned out that the caseworker knew it. But she decided to keep quiet about it because the said woman was so good with special children. Oops! She played God with the young woman's life. The young lady, who was known to be flexible, just adjusted her life plans and added in plans for a special child.

  • Stuff just kept on happening, first one thing, and then another until, at last, the young lady just sat down and thought and thought. Then she thought that this was not the way her life was supposed to happen. She thought about all of her careful planning. And yes, she thought about her God. She wondered how He could have let her life go so far off track. She remembered how she had prayed to Him from the time that she was a little girl.
  • She wondered where she had gone wrong.
Inspirational Musing
Does this young woman sound like someone you may know? All of us have had similar times in our lives. What advice would you give the young lady? How would you react if you were in her shoes?

The new book, The Victor's Song is taking shape nicely in my head and my poetry has started to flow again. I have picked up three new books to help me with dialogue, voice, and style in my prose writing. If you want to read along with me and develop your manuscript along with me, here are the names of the books that I ordered from (If you order this way, you can give a portion of your sales to a charity and it costs you nothing.):
  1. Voice-The Secret Power of Writing by James Scott Bell
  2. How to Write Dazzling Dialogue by James Scott Bell
  3. Plot and Structure  by James Scott Bell.

I thought I would let you hear me reading my poetry in my speaking voice. Tell me what you think. (Video may not upload for a while but I will upload it as soon as it is available on YouTube.

I took the liberty of editing this post and putting this video in because this is the date for which it was originally done.

Faith feeds the soul so that hope never dies.

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