Thursday, September 8, 2016

Walking Past the Pain

Good morning, all! How are you faring? Me, I am doing fairly well. Thank you for taking the time to ask.

On yesterday, we had a story of a young lady that had her life all planned out and then she had a reality check. I left her pondering her life and trying to figure things out. I had asked you to tell me what advice you would give the young lady. Then I took things a bit further and asked you what you would do in similar circumstances. Did you give it some thought, some serious thought? Some of you probably thought that this was not a real scenario, so why bother. Wrong, this was a very real account. Now, that we have established that fact, what would be your advice for the young lady? 

You go ahead and fix your tea, coffee, etc, and ponder over the situation while you get your morning brew. (You see; I have found that it is a good thing to be prepared because you never know when you might be called upon to give someone advice and you find yourself wishing that you had more time to get your answer, a credible answer, together.) Some of you may have just thought, "I would just go ask the preacher; that is what he gets paid for." Wrong again, the person did not ask your preacher, He asked you. And besides, the poor preacher just cannot be everywhere at once. You never know what the Lord has in mind for you when He allows such scenarios to be presented to you. It might be that He is preparing you, could be for carrying His message or could be to get your mind prepared for circumstances that He sees coming up in your life. Never forget that He looks down the road, both near and far.

So, if you need to reread the scenario presented to you on yesterday, go ahead and do just that. We are not going anyplace. In the meantime, I will give you my answers to the scenario presented yesterday. Okay? (Finishing up answers now, sorry life got in the way.)

  1. Something as life changing as a job, that is a biggie, no doubt. Being able only to get a job in special education probably was no big deal, if jobs were scarce and the money was needed. The young lady probably thought that she would only have to do that for a year or so. So, she would have held on to her faith in the Lord and kept stepping. That is what I would have advised the young lady to do and that is what I would have done myself.
  2. When the young lady went for her second adoption, since she and her husband could not have children, and the baby turned out to be special, the young lady who had a strong belief system would have kept her faith, but adjusted her idea about family to include the child that she now knew was special. That is what I would have done and would have advised the young lady to do. I would also have pointed out the fact that, it was a good thing that she had been forced into the special education job several years earlier because that job had prepared her for the child in her family that turned out to be just that, special.
  3. If things just kept on happening and happening, I would have done just like the young lady and done some soul searching. I would wonder just like the young lady did why my life had gone awry. I would have a small pity party of "Why me?" And then, I would remember all of the times that I had prayed to the Lord and that He had brought me through. I would reflect upon the fact that it seemed like I was in the right place at the right time because I got the training I needed to take care of a special child. I would wonder if that were mere coincidence. I would advise the young lady to stick closer to the Lord than ever and that is what I, myself, would have done as well.
All of us have had times in our lives that have been full of soul-rending pain that we felt like we could not make it through. But, through prayer because of the lovingkindness of the Lord, we made it. It is at times like the ones mentioned above that we walk on by faith which helps us find a pathway away from the pain to the ecstasy of joy again. I can stand and say that I am so glad that my mother introduced me to a Friend like no other, Jesus. He is the reason that I was able to formulate the quote that I did for today's blogging session!

I started reading Plot & Structure and I must say that it is not the drudgery that I had been dreading, but is quite enjoyable. So, if you have been wanting to write, just have that itch but "Just don't seem to have it," don't you dare believe what you have probably heard most of your life, that "Writers are born and not made." You see; I just grabbed your attention with that statement, didn't I? That statement came straight out of the book that I just bought from Amazon, Plot and Structure. I can tell you that I am excited about making my writing so much better by utilizing the components of writing that are taught in the above-mentioned book, and taught in such an engaging manner. I can not wait to get back into that book. I am on my way to putting that novella in manuscript form. Wow, folks I am so excited! I am going to hurry and finish this blog so that I can get back into that book! Yum! Yum! Yummy!

I will try posting the video that I did on YouTube yesterday. If not, then look for it on tomorrow's blog.
Several days late, but I am posting it here, as well as on the actual date it became available for me to download it via Video Editor.

My Father enhanced my faith so that I could walk past my pain and find joy again!

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