Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Service Oriented

Hello, all. I spent the greatest portion of the day out running errands, so I am just getting back to you. By now, I am sure that you BYDWP.  For today, I thought that I would do a poem based upon my motto in life, Doing What I Can, While I Can (i.e., helping where I see a need in any way possible).

Service Oriented

I spent the better part of 
My life serving people
Fifteen years in Special Education
Fifteen years in the regular classroom
Trying to educate the youth of our nation
Beginning with the lessons in a book
And ending in showing them all
That they could bloom
As aromatic flowers in this garden
In which we all have been planted
By becoming successful in all they undertook.

Coupled with working as a teacher
I worked forty-two years as a help-meet
To my husband, who is a preacher.

No matter what congregation we went to
We tried to teach and show love so that the glory
Of God always came shining through.

Now, I am working full-time on my writing
Trying to tell the world that serving
My God is not boring, but exciting.

I have built a legacy and am
Writing a good bit of it down
So that you can read my story and hear my voice
As I try to pen words that are inspiring and sound.

Being service oriented is what the Lord desires
Because He told us so in John 13:15-17
And trying to lead a life that is pleasing to Him
We serve mankind by not letting
Our Christian light grow dim.

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

1. What do you think that the underlying message of this poem is?
2. What does service-oriented mean in this poem?

Aside - I met an amazing group of ladies on yesterday through a tee shirt post. The post concerned ladies named, "Alma."  There were over 700 on that post. I told them that I did not know that the sisterhood of "Alma" had that many members. We had a good laugh about that.
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