Tuesday, August 2, 2016

From Our Book

Hello, all. Hope you are faring well. Have you had your coffee? Well, hop to it then. When you finish, come on back to share in this morning's blog. Today, I thought I would share an excerpt from W.O.W. created w.o.w. Those of you who have the book, bear with us. I do have international readers who do not have a copy of it yet, okay? Thank you, and I knew you would understand.

You have heard it said that there are days that I could mess up Jello, well, I am having one of those weeks. I cannot put on my blog what I had planned to share with you.  I have been trying since before four this morning. I give up. Nothing is keeping me going but, sheer determination and I am fresh out of it. I have to run out a bit. Maybe when I get back, I can figure out how to do this new way they have of making me post to my blog any pictures that I want to share. I will get it done, somehow!
Drat a tat!

I got it done. I cannot believe the trouble I went through to do so. Thank you for your patience.

Steppin' and Still Standing 
Alma Jones

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