Monday, August 1, 2016

Steppin' and Still Standing

Hello, all. We will finish our series on trouble in life today. I have highlighted in green, the answers to the questions posed on yesterday.

Somebody told you  it was going to be easy
Child they lied to you because anything
Worth doing will cause some pain 
Before you are through.

What I find is that you can do most
Anything if you trust in the Lord
And allow Him to lead you and 
Not on your own strength lean
For life can be cruel and
Life can be mean.

Steppin' and Still Standing
And with the Lord, I will stay
Faithful, got a sweet reminder of His love
In worship service today.

To Ponder:
1. Give this poem two titles, one with a negative connotation and one with a positive connotation. The two titles I came up with are 
  • Stay  Down  
  • Stay Faithful
2. Write a positive four line stanza to finish this poem.
3. Oh, I forgot to mention, please tie in Sunday worship and or praise with your verse.
4. Make your verse tie the title of this article in as well as your title for the poem.

Steppin' and Still Standing
Alma Jones

Aside - Going forward with
The faith of a child that sings
"Jesus loves me
This I know
For the Bible
Tells me so."

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