Wednesday, August 3, 2016

From Our Book 2

Hello, all. How are you? Me? Why, thank you for asking, and I'm okay. I will tell you one thing; I'm not planning to fix any jello today. Tee hee

Okay, you know I told you that our book, W.O.W.created w.o.w.,  had ten categories which are:

  1. Amazement/Life Plan
  2. Perseverance 
  3. Prayer 
  4. Faith/Trust
  5. Praise
  6. Willingness 
  7. Encouragement
  8. A Christian Life
  9. Sin and Confession
  10. Heaven and Eternity.

Yesterday, we had two poems from the Perseverance Category. I hope that you enjoyed them and the questions that followed. We may do an answer booklet at some point in the future for all of the questions presented in W.O.W. created w.o.w. or we may not. It just depends on how things play out. I think that we will take a poem or two out of each section daily to cover the other nine sections. That will cover the next nine days.

It is my prayer that these selections over the next nine days will be a blessing to you and make you want to get your copy of our book to have on hand for those times when you reach certain pinnacles or depths (i.e., highs and lows). When you need to know that another human being understands, having made it through highs and lows of their own, it is my prayer that our book will be a source of the help from your fellowman.

Alright, so much for explanations, here is the selection from our book for today. Which category do you think it is from?


Steppin 'and Still Standing,
Alma Jones

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