Monday, July 25, 2016

Wake Up, Everybody!

Hey! Wake up! Yeah, you
Are the one I am talking to
Have a poem for you to read
So, go get coffeed or teaed up
Whichever you prefer
And come on back and on this poem feed.

Upon waking one early morn
A wonderful thought to me was born
Feel like skipping, thought I'd say
Skipping and skipping throughout my day
Can't do that as time will no longer allow
So, I'll cook and be joyous any ole how!

Since I am creative, it comes out in many ways
But since I am a homebody, doing things
Around my house is how I spend most days
My husband has come home before
And hand made, ruffled curtains would be gracing the front door.

Said I was going to cook, but who knows
When my creativity kicks in, it has been
Known to show itself in several ways
There's just no telling what you will do
When that itching creativity bug takes a nip at you.

Today, if I were an inventor, I'd invent some stuff
But since I am a writer, I'll try to  let that be enough
But I make no promises because it is not Easy to stop
That creativity bug and it's itchy tentacles to lop.

Hey, I gotta go; I caint be still
This day will do with me
Whatever it won't or will
But come bedtime tonight
Well worn and weary feet
Will be glad to go someplace
And take a glad seat!

Steppin' and Still Standing,
Alma Jones 

Aside - Oh by the way, would like to know
What you think of this one
For as you can see, this creative
Bug has only just begun!
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