Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Bothersome Gnat

Hello, folks. There are times in life when you have load on top of load piled up on you, and yet you keep going. You do what I said in my closing of yesterday's blogging session. You keep standing for the Lord while stepping on toward Him. You keep going doggedly on, even though you don't understand anything anymore. You have gone past your sense of outrage at the seeming unfairness of your plight to being resigned and resolved to keep forging ahead. At this point in your life, you may be on your knees crawling from the latest hit that you have taken. Though you have the desire and intrinsic knowledge to keep moving toward Him, the force of your latest blow may have you crawling around in circles while trying to go forward (i.e., wanting to believe in the ultimate good outcome of the situation, but not knowing if your trust is warranted in this present mess). If there are those of you who are reading this that can identify with what I am talking about, then this next quote is for you. The rest of you just file it away because as you live and breathe, it will help you someday, either for yourself or someone else.

This quote was in my devotional book, "Power for Today" under the topic of, A Mother's Prayer.
This passage blessed my soul; I hope it does yours good, as well. I have included the whole article for you, but I have bracketed the passage to which I was specifically referring. Here goes:

Here is the simple beauty of this passage for me. This booklet was written months ago, yet it has a passage in it that reflected my exact thoughts on yesterday! I mean my EXACT thoughts! Now you tell me how this could be? I just came to this realization on yesterday evening. Every part of this bracketed portion of this passage came to and settled in my mind yesterday! Nope, I had not read ahead on my reading. Somebody reading this might be thinking, "Then how...?" Exactly, the point I was trying to make...

You know that problem or situation that we thought was unsolvable and that had reduced us to a state near to hopeless confusion, well it has just been metamorphosed into just a bothersome gnat!

Standing and Still Steppin' While
Doing What I Can, While I Can

Aside - "Oh with what love, me YOU do love..."
If you think on this in the deep recesses of your mind, this quote will bless you, depths untold.
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