Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hot Mess! Hot Mess!

Hello, all. Good thing I BMDWP! Boy, oh boy, let me tell you! Read the following snippet and you will catch my drift:

Nothing messes up a woman's world more than sick kids or plumbing problems in the kitchen. No drainage, nothing but a hot mess & a plunger!

No orderliness about anything
Just sloshing water and broken plumbing 
The pretty flowered rugs that lay upon the floor
Are stained and looking none too good
The once pristine kitchen floor is not
Shining as it should.

The lady of the house, after waving 
Her hands in the air 
Took a stance and "Kitchen is closed
For repair is what she did declare."

Tomorrow being Sunday there is no
Plumber to be had because Sunday
Plumbing rates just won't do
So have to wait for Monday morning...
Oh the lady of the house is in a stew!

Hot messes make an ordinary day seem blissful
And when ordinary days come again, no one
Will miss the day of hot mess and for them
No one will be wishful!

The same principle can be applied in life. Remember to enjoy the ordinary days so that you can store up for that other kind.

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

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