Sunday, June 12, 2016

Cinquain Reminder

Good morning, folks! Happy Sunday morning to you! About the kitchen problem that I mentioned on yesterday, yep, it is still there. Why am I then, happy? Well, I decided that I could be miserable and have everybody around me the same or I could make do and wait for the situation to change. I opted for the latter.  You say, "Great!" Well, let's not push it too far, I'm making do, alright? (Tee hee)

Here is an application to life. What? Oh, well yeah I do that quite a bit, but life is what we know. And since we have to live it, I try to put a positive spin on most things, you know? At any rate, here is the application.

When things come up in life
As we know they will
We must put the best spin possible
On it, as we trudge up trouble hill.

That means that we must look for the
Positive in everything that we meet
Then we can help someone else along
Who may not have yet mastered that feat.


To show you that I have not forgotten my plumbing problems in my kitchen, I have written a chinquapin about the entire situation.

Bad word  right now
Plumbing problems for sure
Have manifested themselves in
My house.

Now, let's see if you remember what a cinquain is by definition. Is this poem that starts with "kitchen" a true cinquain? As always, substantiate, please. Ha ha ha You are so,funny! I know! I know! You never thought that you would ever in your wildest dreams be trying to figure out if a group of words on paper is a certain type of poem! Hey, wait a minute; that means that you, poetry hater are actually liking the dreaded "P," poetry! Ha ha ha ha ha ha-a-a-a! Stop it; you are going to make me split my sides with laughter. Tee hee hee Oh forget it haa-a-a- ha-a-a!

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
 A snickering Alma Jones

Aside - Well, (snicker, snicker) I made you feel better, even in the midst of my kitchen woe. Now, didn't I? Uhm hum, that's the point I was trying to make about our viewpoint on life's situations. Gotcha!

If you have enjoyed reading my blog over the past year(s), then you will enjoy our latest book,  W.O.W. created w.o.w. Get a copy for your family. You will be glad that you did. It just might become a favorite keepsake that you may pass on to the next generation to have words of encouragement in their life situations. I,encourage you to make comments in the margin about certain situations that a certain piece or verse remins(Ed) you of and how you made it through (i.e., your emotions as you worked with prayer, through each life situation). That is all I have for today, as I need to get prepared to go to worship. At least, the plumbing in the bathroom is not affected. 

Keep upbeat and stay focused with prayer...
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