Saturday, April 9, 2016


Hello, all! This is just to say that I am thankful to have made it to another day, by His grace. So, I stand and say, "I rejoice, for by Your power, You've brought me a mighty long way!"

When my enemy said
Like in Psalm 71, God's not looking
Let's do away with her; she's as good as dead
You kept me and you brought me
So, I rejoice!

When the valley said, "Send her down here
I'll handle her and won't be long about it"
When trouble mountain said
"That's okay; I've got it
She will never make this climb"
You kept me and you held me
You carried me, so I rhyme
I rejoice.

Nobody but nobody can tell me when
Nor how to rejoice
I give glory to the God of heaven
It's in my bones
I have no choice
I rejoice.

I rejoice
I clap my hands
I pat my feet
I may rock in my seat
To His saving power
My actions give voice
Not uttering a word
I rejoice.

Does it take rocks to teach us what is natural to do? Think about it!
And then rejoice.

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Aside - "For Pondering" posted at some point today, if the Lord wills.
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