Saturday, April 9, 2016

For Pondering (at last)

Here we go, folks!
1.  Saying that He is your indemnity is saying that He is your assurance; your protection.
2.  I chose to replace two of the words from verse two. The first one that I chose is "sin", to be replaced by your choice of "misdemeanor",  "transgression" or from the Spanish, "pacado". The second word that I chose is "atone" to be replaced by "expiate."
3.  Did you remember the rules for a cinquain? Well, here is a little refresher in case you have forgotten. A cinquain poem has a verse of only five lines, does not rhyme, and each of the five lines has a specified number of syllables like so:
  • 2 syllables - Line 1
  • 4 syllables - Line 2
  • 6 syllables - Line 3
  • 8 syllables - Line 4
  • and lastly, 2 syllables - Line 5. 
Here is my cinquain:
I will
Stand for Jesus
Though I stand all alone
Secured through perpetuity
I stand.
4.  (Working on a quick story now, posting within thirty minutes, or so.)
Bebe was tired. He was tired of running. He had run home from school every day this year to keep from fighting a bunch of his classmates. Truth be told, it was not a bunch, just five, yet Bebe ran. He ran because his papa had told him that it would be better to run than to fight because he would be putting Jesus to an open shame if he fought. Whether he had his books, lunch pail or a package that Mrs. Pack had sent for Papa, he ran. Bebe was a fast runner and always lit out as soon as he left the back door of the school. His tormentors, some of his schoolmates, could not catch him. He was that fast. But Bebe did not feel like running today. Bebe was angry. Why was he angry?

A new girl had come to school with one of his regular classmates because she was going to spend summer vacation with her cousin, Pru. It was customary for relatives who had gotten out of school early to start their summer vacation early by attending the last day of school with a chosen relative from a nearby village. So, Lucy had come to his classroom. One of his tormentors, Cecil, had made sure that Lucy knew that Bebe was chased home every day because he was afraid of them. The class, including Lucy, howled with laughter.

Yes, Bebe was angry. Cecil had gone on to tell the class that Bebe left school by the backdoor to elude them. Bebe had tried to explain that he left by the back door because he had to go by the lunchroom each day on an errand for his Papa. To that, Cecil had said in a derisive manner, "Yeah, right. And I don't like ice cream either!" The entire class had guffawed. Bebe had then stood up and shouted to Cecil, "I am not afraid of the lot of you. I am trying to live as a Christian, and that is why I won't fight you."

Cecil had said, "Aw, a little Jesus boy is what we got here, guys." Bebe had stepped toward Cecil with his eyes blazing, but the teacher had come back into the room, and that ended the confrontation.
Bebe had had to listen to snickers and look at smirks for the next hour. Yes, Bebe was getting angrier, and he did not feel much like running.

He was not going to run today. He had made that decision when he had walked back through the hall from the lunchroom to the front of the school. In his lunch pail, he carried the two-pound package of frozen molded meat that Mrs. Pack had sent to Papa for his hogs.

When Bebe exited the front door of the school, there was a group of students waiting there. There was another throng that came from around the back, too. Bebe made to step off of the step when someone threw a bucket of marbles under his feet. Bebe just stood on the step until the marbles had stopped rolling. Someone from the crowd said with a jeer. "Aw, Cecil, you got you a wanna' be brave Jesus boy here."
Bebe said, "Jesus boy and proud of it. Now, let me pass."
Cecil said, "Yeah, Jesus boy, I'll let you pass alright, right after I stomp you for being a do-gooder jerk."
Cecil made to sweep Bebe's feet from under him, but Bebe caught his foot in his free hand. Since Bebe was on the step and Cecil was on the ground that put Cecil at a decided disadvantage. Bebe said, "I ran every day to keep from fighting because my grandpapa is a minister and he said that it would be better to run than to fight and put Jesus to an open shame. But today, with your insulting jibes about Jesus, you have crossed the line. I'm gonna teach you to have some respect for your betters. Having said that, he clocked Cecil with his lunch pail and Cecil went down hard. Another of the bunch jumped on Bebe's back from behind. Bebe flipped him over his head with a roar and stepped down off of the step toward the next of the five. Bebe hit him with an upper cuff of the lunch pail. That was two out cold. A teacher came running up and broke up the fracas by restraining Bebe. Bebe said to the group of five, "Ain't  gonna be no more running, and we can finish this anytime and any place you like. But understand me, if you ever use Jesus's name in a derogatory manner again, it's going to take more than Mr. Liggit to stop me from whipping some sense into you." Having said that, Bebe said to no one in particular, "I feel like taking me a run home," and he started off at a jog.
As he was jogging away, he heard somebody say, "'Bout time somebody stood up to the five, 'bout time."

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