Friday, April 15, 2016

Love Life

Hey, everybody! How are you this morning? Are you faring well, or almost well? I hope so, anyway. Grab coffee, water, black tea or whatever you awake with, V-8, etc. and let’s get going, shall we?

Let me tell you something. I am skipping happy this morning. Did you hear me? I said that I am “skipping happy” this morning! No, no, no, that does not mean that I am actually skipping this morning (let’s be real here.) Tee hee  But I do feel like it! Let me see if I can explain. When I was a little girl I would get so wound up and happy that I would skip. I, as you well know from my having said it so many times, skipped almost all of the time. I never imagined that the day would come when I could no longer skip. But alas, that day has come. But that’s alright; you know why?  I still have the unmitigated joy of the knowledge of skipping. I still remember what it felt like to skip and therefore, sometimes I feel like skipping. I feel like skipping this morning. That is why I am sharing with you on my blog about wanting to skip. I feel good, and I want you to feel good, too, if only for me. Tee hee You see, somebody has said that” Misery loves company,” but right along with that saying that same somebody should have said that, “A  sunny smile costs little in giving, but like morning light, it scatters the night and makes the day worth living.” Okay, so we have established the fact that I am very happy and I want you to be happy, too. That's just the way I am. Tee hee
Now about yesterday’s blog. You were supposed to do a piece on the compilation of Job, chapter 37 and yesterday’s blog title, which was, “Majestic Consideration.”    (continuing later)

That seems to be a somewhat daunting title for some, but it's not really. (For those of you that this did not seem to be a daunting title, just bear with me a bit, so that I can get everybody on the same page, okay?)  Any time you have something like that title to ponder, the first thing that you do is think about the meaning of the words in the title. At this point, it is perfectly okay to use a dictionary. I taught my middle school students the necessity of being able to use one and I use one occasionally myself. Let me pause right here and say this, it is okay to be seen using a dictionary! The only one who is afraid or ashamed to be seen using a dictionary is an unlearned person. What I mean by that is that they have not been taught that it is an acceptable practice. You don't have to know every word that has ever been developed. 

Now, I know how it usually goes. There are some of you that looked at the 37th chapter of the book of Job and figured in your mind where you thought I was going with that chapter and the blog title mixed together. Good for you. You see, even if you didn't write it down, you still have started the process of thinking along the path that you think that I might go. That is a good thing.

For those of you, that thought to yourselves, "Not today, lady.  I have too many things that I have to think about. I am not delving into that today. I'll just wait to see what you do with it because I know that you are going to address it tomorrow, in any case." Not a good thing, because you have defeated the purpose of that particular blog.

 Did you know that when you get into something deeply and think seriously about it, it helps you with deep thinking, in general?  That is what is so sweet about thinking. The more that you do it, the easier it becomes. You will find yourself figuring out where the boss is going with something before he says it.

  You will find yourself surmising what people's reactions will be to a given scenario and be ecstatic when you are correct. The next thing that you will be doing is figuring out early, possible endings to real life scenarios. All of that comes as a result or continuous deep thinking. Not such a bad outcome for doing a little literary piece is it? You see, as I told you on yesterday, there is a reason for each little thing that I ask you to do. You are learning and learning to enjoy learning.

 That is what I taught my middle schoolers, the joy of learning to learn. In their vernacular, I said something like enabling learning by discovering the wondrous joy of learning. For some of my still slower processing students, I said, "Learning to learn and liking it."  That slogan caught on and before long, it was okay to be seen with a dictionary. I mean everybody had to do "Mrs. Alma's" expounded definitions! I made learning the norm. And my babies, as I used to call them, liked it. Oh, and get this. Those students of mine who used to hate learning are using some of the same techniques with their own children and employees. How do I know? Why they tell me often when I see them. They learned and were proud of it then and utilize it to help folk big and little learn today.

 Me? I discovered a long time ago that I was born to teach. After I have retired, what am I doing? Teaching. And not just one or two things either, I teach whatever I think is needed to further develop a person. (to be continued on tomorrow) And by the way, if you did not do the assignment on yesterday, now you have some added fodder and added time to get it done. I will be visiting with you on my blog on tomorrow if the Lord wills. By the way, did I mention that I used to be quiet? Ha, ha, ha, ha, tee, hee

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