Sunday, April 17, 2016

Love Life?

Hello, all.

Went to my monthly author's meeting yesterday. We made plans for our book signing next month, our writer's retreat and the ACFW conference coming soon. I will let you know more about that in my upcoming blogging sessions. (It is with grateful acknowledgement that I applaud the group of authors that have accepted me among their ranks, the [kentenwriters].) You will be hearing more about this champion group of ladies in the sessions to come.

So, let me begin the task of finishing up our thought from the last couple of days.  Let's see, Majestic Consideration. The first thing to do is to define” Majestic.”  When I look that word up, the term that fits my purpose best is, “awe-inspiring.” The next thing to do is to define “consideration.” When I look that up, I come up with “careful thought, contemplation, reflection and meditation.” Those two definitions mean that we are going to be giving careful thought to the "Awe-Inspiring." When you look at the 37th chapter of the book of Job in the Bible, the verse that pops out to me is verse 14. That verse says, “…Stand and consider the wondrous works of God.”  That is exactly what we are trying to do here, right? Let’s go back and take a closer look at this awe inspiring God, shall we?

 When we go back to

·       verse 2 we see that thunder rumbles from His mouth

·       verse 3 He lets loose the thunder and the lightning to the ends of the earth

·       verse 5 He thunders with His voice wondrously, to such an extent that we cannot comprehend

·       verses 6-12 with His thunderous voice, He tells the snow to fall on the earth and the rain to downpour; He tells the cold to come from the north (from His breath, ice is made); the storm to come from the south; He loads the cloud with moisture and sends it where He wills and has it to change direction at His guidance and do whatever He commands it to do upon the face of the inhabited earth;

·        He causes it to happen, whether for correction or lovingkindness, He orchestrates these occurrences in His world.

 So, let’s go back to what we said in the beginning that we were going to do.  We said that we were going to do Majestic Consideration.  That meant that we were going to think deeply and long about the Creator of this world because He is Majestic, be it adjective or noun, He Is!

I can hear somebody thinking to themselves, “Okay, I buy that much, but what in the world does that have to do with you skipping, Alma?” Alright, I am so glad that you asked that question.

"Let everything that hath breath, praise the Lord." That thought should be the epitome of our lives as a part of His creation. There is a scripture that says, "If I don't praise Him, the rocks will." (Luke 19:40) I paraphrased that scripture, but I gave you the gist of it.  When I skip, I skip because I am a happy child of His creation. I am happy because He is. My skips are another way of praising Him for His lovingkindness in blessing me to be, though I am but a piece of clay. I am a piece of clay that did not forget its maker!

 Somebody else said, "But you said that you didn't skip any longer." And you are correct; however, I did say that I have not forgotten how it felt to skip. That means that I have not forgotten the reason for my skipping, the reason for my joy, the reason for my singing! Aw yeah! I praise Him in numerous ways. Writing this blog to you is a way of acknowledging Him in His awesomeness. "How?" you ask. Glad you asked that question, too. You are really inquisitive today are you?  Hey, that's alright; that's okay. It means that I have you thinking deeply. And that is what I wanted you to do from the beginning.

 Remember that I told you that I taught whatever I thought was needed to further develop a person. Well, that is exactly what I am doing today. You got some exercise in deep thinking. What Subject did I choose for your deep thinking assignment, only the greatest Subject in the world. You see, no matter how well-developed we become, we are all heading toward that day when we stand before our Creator. What better way to be developed than to be ready to meet Him? Having the assurance that we are developed to our maximum in trying to please and praise Him, and being secure in the knowledge that He has prepared a place for us that is unimaginable to the minds of mankind, is worth skipping, singing, praising and developing ourselves for, don’t you think?  Uhm hum-m, and just think, we get to hear Him say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Enter into the joys of the Lord.” Hallelujah, what a blessing! Woo, I feel like skipping, y'all!

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Aside 1 - Now you know why I entitled this session "Love Life." What, you don't know why I entitled it thus? I told you, because He is and He is mindful of me in all of my clayness and still loves me anyhow. (Take a look at Psalm 37 for added assurance.) Oh you! tsk, tsk, tsk, tee hee Now, you knew that when you said that you didn't understand, that I was going to try to explain it another way. ha ha Okay, you got me on that one. tee hee
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