Wednesday, April 13, 2016

God's Gonna Take Me Home

Hey, everybody! Wake up! It's Wednesday and that means hump day. You know, middle of the week with only two days left to go before the weekend! Yea! Tee hee

I thought that I would share a few of the poems from W.O.W. created w.o.w. so here is another of the poems from the category of Heaven and Eternity from our book. Enjoy it and hold its message close to your heart as you make your way through this day and through the rest of your life's journey.

GOD’s Gonna Take Me Home

If you see me cry as I try to do my JESUS’s will
If you see me struggle as I take my walk up trouble hill 
If you hear me moan, as I go along my way
Just know my dear brother and my sister
That GOD’s “gonna” take me home one day.
Then all of the struggling for me will be o’er 
And I’ll join saints from bygone days 
Upon that celestial shore.

Revelations 21

1. What is the mood and the theme of the poem? 

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Aside 1 - Let me tell you a little bit about our book. It has 263 pages that have been divided into ten categories, which are:
  1. Amazement/Life Plan
  2. Perseverance 
  3. Prayer
  4. Faith/Trust
  5. Praise
  6. Willingness 
  7. Encouragement 
  8. Christian Life
  9. Sin and Confessions
  10. Heaven and Eternity. 
Each of the categories of the book have a heartfelt short story or an essay with it. As you know, this is a book of poetry with short stories. I grouped the poems into categories and placed a short story at the beginning of each category to kick it off. I felt that the short story would help to set the mood for the poetry that followed.

Oh, and guess what I discovered during the writing of this book? I discovered that you like my short stories. So, I am going to do an anthology (collection) of short stories with you in mind. I still have to think of a name for it, though. Tee hee

I guess that I am rambling on a bit, but that happens sometimes, especially when you have an audience that is as receptive and as caring as you have proven to be. I thank you for that.
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