Sunday, April 10, 2016

Club Anyway

Hey, y'all. Hope you are faring well.
Have you ever said or heard someone say the following words?  "I have seen better days but you know what, I'm going on anyway!" The person who uttered those words knows a little something about suffering; about persevering; about smiling through tears, about being tear tired, etc. What? Oh being tear tired means being so fed up with injustices, unfairness, disappointments, etc. that your eyes swim with tears. But these kinds of tears, you don't allow to fall. You reach back way down into yourself and you grab a hold of some more faith, fortitude and tenacity. You see, the faith causes you to believe, in spite of having no real reason to do so. That belief gives you fortitude that God is faithful and will take care of you, and lastly my friend, that fortitude gives you tenacity because you know the God for whom you work! And you know that none can do anything to you without His say so.
Now you know why people belong to Club Anyway. Come, join us, won't you?

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Aside - Whip me up a quick poem of about two verses talking about Club Anyway, will you?
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