Saturday, April 23, 2016

Day of Correcting Dissected a Bit

Hello, all. How are you today?  It is Saturday where I live, and I had several things planned for the day. But things did not quite go as planned. Nothing earth shattering happened, just life stuff. At any rate, let’s get to the business at hand; shall we?


You remember that on yesterday after I had done a rather brief blog, due to being worn out mentally, I added an "Aside" to my blog. In it, the last cryptic comment that I made was that Any day above ground can be used as a ‘Day of Correcting.’  If that comment had you wondering why I said only that little bit about the title and nothing else, then good. You did exactly what I wanted you to do. You pondered over it and maybe even tried to or managed to figure out why I said what I did.


Here is my explanation. With every kind word, every good deed, every time you brag on Jesus, every time you show your faith for the world to see, etc., you are correcting something in somebody’s world. “How so?” you ask.  Good question. Now, let me explain. If you are the Lord’s child, then your sins have been neutralized. Jesus took care of that a long time ago. That statement means that He made sin harmless in our lives. He is our remedy for sin because He did away with the separating distance between God and us. He corrected that situation (i.e., made the evil situation harmless). Still a little fuzzy? Okay, look at the couple of bullets that I have listed and they should clarify it for you.

·       The gentle praise and push that he received corrected his belief that, contrary to what he had been told, he was not worthless and could go on to do much with his life. (Do you see what kind words and deeds did in this man’s life?)

·       Nobody much paid attention to him. Most people did not even acknowledge him and he liked it that way. At least he did not have to worry about being picked on now that he was out of school. Still, he wished that he had somebody to talk to some time. It was hard living by himself since his mom had died. That was why he found an excuse every day around one o’clock to go to the town market. The head checker there always called him, Mr. Bob and always gave him a big smile. It made him feel like there was nothing wrong with him, like he was just an average person like everybody else, not a person who had a disability and not a victim of bullies. The head checker was really nice, and he hoped that she got a real good blessing from Jesus because she was nice to him. That was what his mom always said and he believed it, too. (Do you see what a smile and a kind word from the head checker did for Bob? The kindness was working on counteracting the feeling of loneliness and low self-worth that Bob seemed to have.)


I don’t have to name any more scenarios. You can see what kind words, deeds, etc. can do to people. That is why I always told my children when counseling them about the treatment of others, “Be careful; you never know when the kindness that you give may be the only one in a person’s day.”

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

 Aside 1 – Do you recognize the highlighted phrase above? You should. (tee hee) It is from my blog entitled, “Victor’s Song Finale,” from two days ago. I bring that to your attention to say this. You see. I told you that if you practiced deep thinking, you can write anything about any given situation and make it applicable to whatever situation you need to. I just did. I took a day of correcting my book and a day of talking to you about singing your song for the Lord and proved my point to you that everything you do does sing a song (i.e., speak for or against the Faith). I know. I did it again, didn’t I? (Tee hee)


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