Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tied Up

Hello, all. Hope that you are faring well this morning and that you have been BYDWP (beginning your day with prayer).

I wanted to be sure that you made all of the connections that I mentioned to you in the gloss over that I did on yesterday. Here are the connections that I wanted you to make:
  • Sing your song because every note you hit (i.e., kind faithful act you do) does matter.
    • reaffirms your commitment to the Lord
    • sends a message to a dying world
  • Singing your song tells the Lord that you are thankful for his saving you from sin (i.e., correcting your lost condition).
    • Your singing brags on the Lord and He likes this. (Jeremiah 9:24)
      • He hears it, and people who have lost hope do, too. (2 Cor. 3:2)
        • By being committed, you Do What You Can, While You Can, to spread the sunshine of His love everywhere you go (i.e., plant flowers of hope along people's life path). (Isaiah 50:4)
In short, by singing your song, you are showing that you are thankful for the correcting that the Lord made in your life (and continues to make) by trying to make corrections in the lives of others, whether on a large or small scale. I was going to do a quick poem for you, but there is no need. A song has come to mind that suffices.

If I can help somebody as I pass along
If I can show somebody that he is traveling wrong
If I can cheer somebody with a word or song
Then my living shall not be in vain.

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Aside 1 - If you think I oversimplified the points that I was trying to make, good! That means that you got it, so I ask you to be patient for some others who may not have grasped it as readily as you did. Y'all have a great day and never forget to give Him praise; even though, the world does not want you to rejoice. Do it anyway! (Tee hee)

Aside 2 - Did I tell you lately that I appreciate you? Well, consider yourselves told in a big way!

Aside 3 - This is a saying that I have put on the front of our book. Will you help me push the book by including the saying in your various blogs, emails and other correspondence? Of course, word of mouth is always good. Again you are helping me sing my song and thus singing your own song, too.

Coming soon!
The latest rave
Poetry that even poetry haters
Will crave
W.O.W. created w.o.w.

I think that folk will buy the book because of the hype, read sections of it, (the short stories) and gravitate over to the poetry. I do believe that it will become one of the favorites that people will want to have in their libraries to pull from the shelves from time to time. And this book that was written to say, "Thank You," to the God of all creation, will have done its job. And I, oops, excuse me, we? Why, we go on to higher mountains as we serve, of course...
Just had a possible title for another book. (Tee hee)
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