Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tallest Mountain Final

Good morning, all. Don't you just hate it when a cold or the flu just hangs on and on? Yuck! Come on, spring! At least that is the season we are getting ready for in my part of the world. I understand that some of you are getting ready for fall. I think it would be so neat to travel to a place that has seasons just the opposite of where I live. You agree? At any rate, the one place among several in the world that I would  like to visit is Australia! I have always been fascinated by it, from lifestyle, language, to flora and fauna. Well, so much for my wants. Tee hee

Here is my take on the poems from yesterday as well as to answers to the questions that were asked about them.

A message came to me
On the edge of my sleep
The joyful contents of which
I think that I will keep
So about said message
From me, not a peep.
Muse has been busy here of late
Spurred on by the hands of fate.

1. What is the theme of the first poem?
     Theme - secret joy
2. Can you detect a mood? How?
     Mood - joyful. 
     You can tell that there is a joyful mood by the contents of the dream being described as such. This writer seems to be holding a wondrous secret to  himself/herself.
3. How does the writer feel about this poem? Substantiate, please. The writer seems to love this poem as it gives them hope for the future. (See #2 above.)
4. What does, not a peep mean? I will not tell you a thing, so don't ask.
5. What does the phrase, on the edge mean in this poem? It means that the writer had not fully entered into the dream world when he/she was given the message.
6. What connotation do you give to the second poem? Expound, please.  The second poem seems to connotate the meaning that things have long since been set in motion for writing to be done by said poet and that there is stopping the process.

That is all I have for today. Meet me back at my blog on tomorrow for a new poem, won't cha? I have a nice little one already waiting  for you.

Doing ?What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones 
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