Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Good morning, all. Hope you and family are faring well.
Do you get tired of someone always asking for handouts for a good cause? Some people think that way and are heard to exclaim, "Always got a hand stretched out begging." Tsk, tsk, tsk, these things ought not to be, folks. Alright let me explain it to you another way, a way that will bring my point home to you better than ever. Ready? Here we go!

Do you pray for your family? Are you always soliciting blessings from the Lord for them? What if the Lord thought about you and your family in the same calloused way? What if  He had the attitude of, "Always asking for something?" Yeah, you begin to see it in a different light, don't you? Alright , here's another point, your water bill, your car payment, your electric bill all have to be paid once a month, don't they? Just as your bills have to be paid regularly, so do the bills of charitable concerns. If we want regular blessings for our families and we pray for them and make provision for them, we ought to do the same for our charities. My concern is with Christian education.

We need to be regular in our giving and not just once a year. The lights, water, gas, salaries, and so forth have to be paid regularly. So let's pray for and provide for our charities as often as we do our families. A charity that is doing anything at all needs more than praying for periodically and spasmodic giving. As we wish to be blessed, let us bless Christian education. Why? Christian schools house and attempt to provide for the "church of tomorrow."

If you want repetition in your blessings, then try being repetitive in your giving to philanthropic organizations. Just sayin'.

Building Christian Schools One Day at a Time & Garnering Blessings In the Process by Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

 Income speaks louder than any words, you know
Do you show your love for the Lord
By the direction of your cash flow?

If you give up the price of one cold drink a week
That is a small amount, but it is better 
Than No amount at all
You are, at least attempting to help the young folks
As they are being prepared to answer the gospel's call.

If you take a shorter vacation in lieu of a longer one
So that you can better support Christian education
Don't think for one moment that the Lord does
Not see your sacrifice and won't bless your situation.

We all know that God is able to do what He wills
And He can bless you in your generosity to
Help Christian schools pay their monthly bills
The windows of heaven have opened for folks
That have started being repetitive in their giving
In helping the youth to become strong soldiers
In their efforts at Christian living.

No, no, no, don't get tired because I
Am making this plea to you
Because if you were the beneficiary of my plea
This is exactly what you would want me to do.
For Pondering:
1. Is the writer of the poem concerned, at all, with what folks think of the plea for Christian education?
2. Define spasmodic,  philanthropic, garneringlieu, repetitive, and beneficiary.
3. Explain the following phrases:
   -if you take a shorter vacation in lieu of a longer one
   -direction of your cash flow
   -one cold drink a week
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