Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Done for Me, Lately

Good morning, all. Sometimes in the  hustle and bustle of our daily to and fro, we forget to tell our children things they ought to know. I have taken a thought and exaggerated it into a poem that tells a story. Notice the first line of the poem and the last line of it. Is there a message being sent in this poem? What questions did the poem raise in your mind? Did you find any circumstances in the poem that you could identify with, either personally or in general? What is the underlying message in this poem? Are there any sub messages? What is the theme? Mood? Are the happenings in the poem plausible? What do you figure was my motivation for this poem? What age do you think the people in the poem are? Would changing the age of the people in the poem change the meaning of the poem? How and Why? Please substantiate all answers with evidence from or inferences from the poem.

Okay, that is all I have for today. Plausible? Look it up, but only after you try to figure it out;  it will do your thinking skills good to work on figuring out the meaning from context clues.

You say that God is able
How do I know it's true
What has he done for me
What has He  done for you?

You ask me that because
You have not taken time to pause
To think about how you are blessed
With the talents that you possess.

The talent that I possess
Is a result of my genes
And my hard work brought
About my artistic success.

How can you be so calloused
How can you be so cavalier
Don't you know that Jesus
Died on Calvary for you and for me
Don't you know that He paid the price
For us to be free?

No, don't you talk now
It is time you were told the truth
It is time you put on responsibility
And put down the care-free cloak of youth.

You say you are a talented artist
Because your daddy was one too
But the man you know as "Dad"
Is not your sire true.

You were dropped on our doorstep
A long time ago
And for the longest time
Your parents, we didn't know.

Last year, after much money was spent
We received court papers that
Said your dad was a well-known gent
Who pilfered anything that was
Not nailed down and
Sold it for profit to purchase contraband.

Your mother was a street walker
Who died at age 42
And told all who would listen
That the worst day of her life
Had been the day she had you.

No, I have not finished yet
When I am done talking
Then a rebuttal chance you get.

You asked me what He has done for me
He gave me an inquisitive youngster
That has grown into a fine
Illustrator and writer too
He took away your brain fog
Because of the prayers I prayed for you.

You see, when you started school
They had you tested and said that you would
Never learn to read and were blessed
In that you learned to talk.

Remember when you went to school
And the children laughed at you
Because you could not read nor write
Well, I bowed my knees to the Lord
And asked Him outright
To allow you to learn to read
And allow you to learn to write
Son, I prayed that prayer for
You as I worked with you night after night.

I asked Him to give you
The ability to draw and
after a high fever
Child you started sketching
Then you started to paint
And now you are reckoned
As one of the best in
Anything that you do
So, yes He answered my nightly prayer
Because He blessed you.

I'm sorry Mom; I didn't know
The love you had for me
And the length that you would go
To, to have me feel good about myself
Thank you for telling me and now I know.

That's okay, son, it is time that you knew
That the Lord blessed me with you
And blessed you with me
So that we could bless each other
As we make our mark upon this world
As we make our traipse toward our destiny.

This night you had a hard lesson
As we sat around the dinner table
This is the night that you learned from me
The meaning of the words, God Is Able.

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

Aside 1 - I will have answers to the questions posed on yesterday for you on tomorrow. Uhm-m-m, I don't know, I may present the answers, themselves, to you in a poem  and then we can have questions from the answers or I just might spin a yarn with the vocab. words from yesterday. I don't know. I will be working most of the day, so I may just give you the answers and be done with that particular post. I will have to think about it. One thing about it, if you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I like to think. And apparently, so do you. (Tee hee)

Aside 2 - The bold printed statement in Aside 1 made you think a bit didn't it? I know! And the teacher in me just loves the fact that I gave your brain something to ponder over a bit. (Tee hee) That's okay. It keeps your mind flexible and makes your brain grow dendrites. Dendrites? You know me well. You knew I was getting to say, "Look it up." Okay on that note of laughter, I am gone. (tee hee)

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