Monday, March 21, 2016


Hello, all. Supposed to work today, so short is the operative word this morning.

Worry not about tomorrow
As to whether it will bring joy of sorrow
Concern yourself about how
You can further the cause of Christ now.

Some people deliver a song with such power
That tears flow from their eyes with their
Love of the Lord, what, pray tell
Does your song deliver, dear friend?

About the love of God, are you singing
What, to the world, by your life are you bringing
Do you show your love by Godly living
Do you show your intent by charitable giving?

What does your song say about you today
Does somebody's soul sing with thankful with joy
Because you happen to have come their way
Does the light in anybody's eye
Burn a little brighter
Is some weary soul's step, because of you
A little lighter?

Is there a charity that can say that God is able
Because of the sustenance that your caring
Brought to the philanthropic table?

Singing My Song While I Can
Singing to Bless the Souls of Man
What is your theme song to date
A song of love or a song of hate
Not to worry friend, as you breathe
It is not too late
To change your song's theme
By polishing some horizons
And making hope gleam!

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