Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tying It All Together

Good morning, all.
The blog today will tie the answers to Tuesday and Wednesday's blogging session questions together so as to free me up for my blog on tomorrow, if the Lord wills. My brain will get a bit of a workout in the process, but that is good for me. Let's see, where to start? My aim is to tie in two days blogging sessions, their titles and the theme for this series of blogs, God is Able. Now, that is a tall order, don't you think? Oh! So you think I cannot do it, do you? Oh, you changed your mind. Good, because you know I love a good challenge.

Anyway, how much of a challenge can it be since I came up with the blogs in the first place? Hm-m? I tell you what would be a real challenge. You ready? A real challenge would be that if you were my student and had to perform the task that I am going to do for you today! That would be a challenge, but not much. A better challenge would be that if you had to do all that I mentioned, but with only the titles, vocabulary words, phrases and the theme for the blogs. Having to do that in a poem and a story or essay, that would be a challenge! You agree? Did I mention that you would not be provided with the blogs for your assignment? Ha ha Yep! That would be a challenge indeed. But, there are some of you out there among my readers that would find that a nice meaty challenge that you could sink your teeth into. Some of the others of you are still trying to figure out just what I am talking about. And others of you are thinking, all of that is well and good, but what do you have for us today? Okay, I hear you! Give me a minute; let me think... I've got it! Here is a little something for you to sink your teeth into while I work on my tie in.

Two girls walked down a city street laughing and talking to each other. One of the girls noticed a tiny twig hanging from a spider's web. She exclaimed, "Hey look at this twig. Both girls stopped to look at the twig swinging slightly in the breeze. The first girl says, "Is that a twig or is it a worm?" The second girl who was a little more daring said, "Of course it is a twig and I will prove it to you silly." With those words, she proceeded to place the twig between her thumb and forefinger. Hot tamale! It's alive! The twig wrapped itself around the second girl's finger! Oo-oo! Such shrieking and squealing there was. The twig? It turned out to be a worm. The girls? They're fine. Neither of them will ever again touch a "twig" swinging in the breeze though. 

Now, did you enjoy that little tidbit of a story? Good, because here is what I want you to do for me. Tell me how that little story can be made to send the message, God is able. That's all! Now you have something to ponder over as I work on my tie-in. Enjoy!

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Aside 1 - I heard that! And no, I did not forget your poem for the day. Be patient, hmm-m?

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