Monday, March 14, 2016

God Is Able (Ephesians 3:20)

Hello, all. Hope your day went well on yesterday. Mine, uhm-m-m, okay but, you know what I have learned over the years and try to do everyday?  Is to practice remembering Romans 8:28, for that means that no matter what happens to me, I can endeavor to categorize it under the title of "God is Able." That is what I want to talk to you about today. I hope that my topic for this series of blogging sessions will bless you in your daily life and help you to remember to keep being strong during whatever life may toss at you.

By now, you have gotten used to my particular method of sharing with you on my blog, which is to give a  poem and have you to break it down sometimes with a story to boot.  We will do something similar to that today, but I will introduce the story first and cap it off with a poem on tomorrow.  I hope that is agreeable with you.

I introduced Baby to you on last Thursday, March 10, remember? At any rate let’s delve into Baby’s escapade for today, shall we? Baby, who is now three years old, sat on the second step from the top, of the second story where they lived. Their apartment was upstairs. Baby liked to sit in the sun on the wooden steps and watch her brothers as they played on the ground below. Today, they were using bricks and busting black walnuts. Baby looked over the edge and watched them work. Every now and then they would laugh at something as they busted the walnuts and ate them.

Baby looked around. She saw the wasps up on the eaves but she knew they would not bother her if she left them alone. She did not run if they came close; she just sat really still. But mostly they, stayed on the top part of the house. She watched the butterflies as they chased each other and flew off somewhere high in the sky. The sun felt so good on her face that she sometimes would close her eyes and just feel so warm. It made her feel sleepy, too. So-o-o sleepy.

“Are you sleepy, Baby? You get up and go in the house and get in the bed to take a nap if you get sleepy; don’t you sit there and go to sleep on those stairs, you hear me?” said Momma.   “But, I ain't sleepy,” said Baby.

“Baby, I’m looking at you and I think you are sleepy. Go in the house and get in the bed to take a nap,” said Momma.

“But, I ain’t sleepy,” said Baby starting to tear up.

“Alright! But don’t you sit there on those steps and go to sleep, you hear me?”

“Otay,” said Baby.

Momma went back in the house and Baby continued to watch her brothers busting walnuts. The sun felt so warm on her little neck and arms. The breeze felt so fresh to Baby as it gently caressed her little face. Baby lay her head against the side of the post that formed part of the railing for the stairs.

 Baby heard the backdoor open as Momma came out and put the green rug on the bannister to dry. Baby quickly raised her head, she knew that Momma would make her go inside if she saw her leaning against the side of the post. Momma would not believe her if she said she was not sleepy. Baby was not sleepy. She just wanted to be out in the warm lazy sunshine and watch the butterflies and feel the breeze blow through her hair. The backdoor slammed again as Momma went back into the house.  Baby leaned her head against the side of the post. The sun was so warm. It felt so good. Then somebody said, “Go inside because you are sleepy!” Baby looked around and didn’t see anybody so she knew it was the voice playing inside her head of what Momma had just said. Baby stubbornly thought, “But I ain’t sleepy…”

Baby was crying because a brick had hit her face. Baby did not know what had happened. Her arm hurt and her leg hurt and she wanted her Daddy. Her daddy was not there but Momma was. Baby was too big to be picked up anymore, but Momma was carrying her up the stairs! Baby was crying. Mamma was saying while she cried too, “I told you not to go to sleep on those stairs; I told you!” Baby was crying really loudly now. Momma had laid her on her and Daddy’s bed! Nobody got on that bed, nobody!
Baby knew that something was bad wrong with her because Momma had picked her up and carried her upstairs and laid her on the big bed. Momma was looking at her legs and arms and when she touched her leg Baby screamed from fear and from a little pain. Momma was changing her clothes fast and was changing Baby’s clothes too. She left baby’s socks alone because baby screamed every time she touched her left leg. Momma carried her down the stairs and went to the apartment of Mrs. Rosie Lee and asked her to watch Baby’s brothers while she took Baby to the doctor.
 Momma carried Baby across the yard and out to the street. Then Momma put Baby down and said that she would have to walk because she was too big for Momma to carry now. Baby’s leg hurt and Baby whimpered and raised her arms for Momma to pick her up. Momma said no she was a big girl and not a baby anymore. Baby limped on her leg for a few steps and limped some more and settled into a slight limp. Momma said, Uhm hum, you will be alright. Baby cried all the way to the doctor.

From the top of the stairs
The tiny toddler fell
What is going to happen to Baby
Will all be well?

Bible Read Up and Prayed Up,
Alma Jones

Aside - As you can see, I  changed my mind. I decided to give you a smidgen of a poem for today, anyway. I won't ask you to interpret it today as I am pretty sure that Baby has you bothered enough. Meet me back at my blog on tomorrow to see what happened to Baby. What do you think happened? Why do you think that? What did you base your conclusion on? Yes, I want you to substantiate. If you don't, then it is just an opinion and we all have one of those. (smile)

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