Saturday, March 12, 2016

Another Day's Journey

Hello, all. It seems that no matter how careful I am in my writing, when I am in a hurry, it shows. I will have a mistake or two some where. Therefore, I do apologize for the mistakes on yesterday. I did rectify them. I guess you can definitely tell when I am on the run, huh?

Today, I just want to say that I am grateful to see the arrival of another day. It is a blessing, indeed.
Have included a poem from my new book, W.O.W. created w.o.w. for your perusal and enjoyment.

Song on My Lips

Sometimes on our Christian journey
Life can become very hard
And it seems like the harder and harder we try
The more as Christians, we have to cry.

With the uncertainties around us
We don't know what life will bring us to
But as Christians we have to remember that
Whatever life does bring us to
That our heavenly Friend, Jesus, will
Definitely bring us through.

We can be happy and go lucky one minute
And feel lost and bereft the next hour
But we have to keep the faith and remind ourselves
That the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
Holds us within his power.

So get yourself in check
And pray for faith to be strong
Because the mighty God that we serve
Can open your lips and give you a song.

A song that you can sing with 
A cheerfulness that is rare
A  song that will make your friends 
And family I like, stop and stare
Shake their heads and wonder
Because through all of your trials 
You will be tripping right along
As if you had never a care.

Because it's inside me to serve the Lord
Is why you will see me do what I do
And so because of what's inside me
I will sing this snippet of a song to you.

Since I have gotten older
My voice pops and cracks at will
But the forest would be mighty quiet
If all but the best songbirds
Kept their voices still.

I want somebody to see
That I keep going no matter if
I am laughed at and no matter
How people make me feel
Because I told the Lord a long time ago
Jesus, take the wheel.

And I'm not singing this song
Because I sound so good
But when I am gone, I just want somebody to say
She worked for Jesus while she could.

Ephesians  3:14–20

1.  Define snippet, and bereft
2. Over all, what is the feeling tone of this poem
3 Explain "If all but the best songbirds kept their voices still." 
4 Explain "Jesus, take the wheel."

Doing What I Can, While I Can

Alma Jones

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