Monday, March 28, 2016

Dealing with Guilt

Hello, everyone.  Hope you had a pleasant day on yesterday and I wish that your joys would be as "deep as the ocean." Don't know why I said that, but it felt like the thing to say this morning. Just in case there is somebody out there who needs to know that there is somebody, somewhere on this earth that cares.

Yes, Jesus cares and I do, too
That's why I offer up prayers for you
How can I do that when I don't even
Know you, you ask
It is easy for me because the God I
Serve is able to handle any task.

I simply can ask Him to bless the
Readers of this blog of mine
And that covers the situation just fine.

But I wanted us to talk about guilt
A little bit today
Because some folks have a perpetual guilt
That refuses to go away.

Did you read my blog about the victory that
Is ours through Jesus, on yesterday
When He got up from the grave victorious
He brought relief from guilt for mankind
He ushered in that relief through the
Establishment of His church, folks
That ought to erase any guilt you have
From your mind.

If you are His child and acknowledge your
Sins and ask for forgiveness
Your sins He will remember no more.

You say that your sins are so egregious
That He cannot ever forgive you
Yes, He can and He will but you
After asking, have to forgive yourself, too.

His blood covers me in any sin that I commit
Though I often feel unworthy and unfit
He says that His strength is made perfect
In our weakness and I confess
That I am glad about it
For I would, be a soul undone without it.

Somebody still cannot let go of that guilt
So let me try another tactic to help you out
When you woke up this morning, do you
Think that you did that on your own
And when you could form a coherent thought
Do you think that happened because
Of any deed that you had wrought?

When you stood up to walk and to make
Your way to wherever
Do you think that you were able to
Perform that task because you are so clever?

No my friend, that is not the case
We are covered by Jesus' blood and by His grace
And that encourages me to keep going on
As I try to run my race.

That guilt, let it go; don't let it weigh you down
Because you cannot do all you would
For the Lord with the extra weight that
You are carrying around
So drop that load and work toward
Helping a fellow traveler to find the peace
That has, at last, given you sweet release.

Doing What I Can, While I  Can
Alma Jones

(The underlined words and phrases are there for you to add them to your vocabulary and/or ponder over their meaning in this poem.)

Aside - Jesus, It's me, Alma. Please bless the readers of my blog who may have guilt that they are unable or are having a hard time getting rid of. Please bless all of the readers of this blog with peace and joy and the assurance that you know, care and are able to handle any concern that they bring to You. Thank You for your guilt relieving grace.  In Your holy name, I pray. Amen.
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