Saturday, March 19, 2016

Charity-Who Needs It?

Good morning, all.

The poems speak for themselves today
Did you ever think about the poetry you write
As you go on your way?

You say you are a Christian
By the way that you are living
Can young people see your Christianity
By your generosity in giving?

For the Church of tomorrow
Is being built by you
What are you building for young folks 
By the things they see you do?

Do you practice charity
In your daily living
Or are you too busy
Trying to make a buck
To be bothered with the
Practice of teaching giving?

Do you know blog reader
That you are helping me
To do the work that I do
You might say how am I helping you
I just read your blog
Yes, but if you tell a co-worker, neighbor or friend
About the stories and the
Poetry that I try to spin
You may create an interest in
The charity that I love with all my heart
You just might be the catalyst
That gives some donor the impetus to start
Funneling a little funding toward
Christian education today.

Talk about my books and
The stories and poetry found within
And buy a copy for yourself
And my books will fly off the shelf.

And friend, when they do
Just know that you are helping
Christian education by your support of me
You have supplied a donation to my
Cause of educational philanthropy.
For Pondering:
1. What is the theme of this poem?
2. How does the writer feel about Christian education? Substantiate your conclusion by drawing  inferences from the poem?

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Knowing That He Is Able
Alma Jones

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