Friday, March 18, 2016

Operator, Long Distance

Good morning, all. Back at it bright and early and very thankful, I am. It is with a humble heart and a thankful spirit that I say to you, my blog readers, "Thank you." You have allowed and continue to allow me to find my blogging voice as I endeavor to tell the world about things that are on my mind. You allow me to tell the world about my Lord. You put up with me when I try my hand at prose. I have been told that to be an accomplished writer, one must be able to do poetry and prose, both. That is the reason I subject you to my prose from time to time. For your patience with me, though sometimes I may be maudlin, I thank you. I ask the Lord's blessings for you and yours.

I may have told you before and if I did, then allow me to reiterate for those that did not see the posting of my true "why." I write because I breathe. I breathe because He is. I serve because He died. I have something good (the love of the Lord), and I want to share it with the whole world. That is my nature because that is the way that He made me. If I have something good, I have always tried to share it as you might surmise from some of my stories that dealt with my cousins.

You have been waiting for a poem from me for several days so today I will deliver. This is a heartfelt poem. Go with me as my soul walks through it.

Him Able

When the USA was young
Back in the days of yore
So was the telephone, but
The Christian phone was put
 In place a long time before.

Christians use the telephone called prayer
They know to just call Operator, Long Distance
And they know that they will find
A ready ear waiting there.

“What is so great about this thing
That you Christians call prayer”
Is what one person said
But Christians answered back
“There must be something to it
Or else why would our enemies get so
Upset when we begin to do it?”

Another Christian said, “Hey guys
Let’s help these folks out
They don’t know that our collective power
Is what our God is all about
They don’t know that He said
Where two or three are gathered
Together in My name
 There I will be in the midst'
And that that is the Christian call to fame.”

So Christians today stand and say
“We know our God is able
Because He continues to allow us to sup
In front of our enemies at
His well-stocked table.”

You know, those Christians don’t
Worry about what may be their plight
They just call upon their God, Who
Time after time, saves them by His might!

To Ponder:
1.     Define telephone, collective power, midst, sup, well-stocked, plight and might.
2.     Explain the phrase: Because He continues to allow us to sup
      In front of our enemies at His well-stocked table.”
3.     Explain, His might;
4.     What does the green highlighted phrase mean?
5.     Why is the blue highlighted phrase capitalized?
6.     Can you find two passages of scripture that best go with this poem?
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